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DEZHE public speech & eloquence training institutions ,was founded in 2007.we are specially engaged in the leadership speech , wisdom brain special training class, English language training , confident public speech & eloquence training , youth public speech &eloquence training , confident host training , civil servants interview training, putonghua promotion training , etc. In foshan, dongguan, zhongshan, guangzhou, huizhou, and guangxinanninghave our branch speech training institutions. With concentration, pragmatic and effective pursuit the wayof perfect artisans, makes the high-quality standard training .we are focus on improve your oral communication andpublic speech skills.we are  the best worth investment  and the high rate of return training institutions, we are your best choice .Our students come from Hohhot, chengdu, zhengzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, guangdong and Taiwan, Hong Kong around the city, South Korea, the United States, Britain, Australia all over the word .they are come from our DEZHE brand influence in this public speech training  industry. Our DEZHE brand today was succeed ,we are base on our high reputation .

Speech was from mind ,speechfluency.  Speech base on virtuous ."Mouth" is our mainly oral expression ability ,"talent " was base on mouth to express knowledge and intellect ."Mouth" & "talent" complement each other.Be short of one cannot ."mouth" only , like the bamboo belly was empty . "Tatent"only , like the dumpling in teapot cannot pour out .

Our contact information: Telephone: 0757-83051085 / Mrsong

Foshan campus address: foshan cityshancheng district, middle fen jinagroad ,No :121 east built building 5 floor/foshan virtue public speech& eloquence training institution (near zumiao subway station exit A)

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电话:0757-8305 1085